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Some Guides On Fixing Problems On Using Offset Smokers

Some people asked me to make some guidance for some problems that many people have on using offset smoker.  Using an offset smoker is actually pretty easy to do. It is almost similar to what you done on using another smoker. Most of people know about this case, but when they are running into some problems, they do not know how to fix it or how to make it works.  People who got this problem seem to happen to people who are not familiar with this thing. I also got the same problem when I was using this smoker for the first time.

Talking about the problem on this smoker, there are some categories that we have to know. First, we got the simple problem where you just need some treatment in order to fix it. Here you do not need to buy anything to fix it. Second is the tough problem, here you might have to replace some pars or components in order to fix it.  So, to make it easier for you to fix some problems that you got on using this product, here are some problems and the solutions for it.

Getting Rid Of Rust

This case is happened to lot of smoker after they have been used for many years. This case is pretty normal especially if you have the inexpensive one where the material is considerably not really that good. For this case the solution is pretty simple.  Here, you just need to clean of your rust spots with some cleaning tools in order to get rid all of your rusts. Then, after you think that all of the areas are cleaned, you have to paint it with some anti-heat temperature paint. Do not paint it with just a normal paint because they cannot handle a serious heat and your rust would keep coming if you do this thing.

The next one that you might need to repair is the grill grate.  Grill grate is actually pretty tough to be cleaned. For this case there are two solutions that you could choose. First, you do not have to do anything besides replace it with the new one or you could sand blasted on any automotive where is no guarantee that it would be completed clean. That are the choices that you could choose.

Leaking Smokes From The Lid

The case is not only happened to the old smoker, but also the new one. If you got this problem after you just use it for a month then I really suggest you to get the replacement. But, if you have your old smoker and you got this problem. Then, to solve of this problem you can seal of your lids with some high temperatures material such as silicone or gasket. Fix anything that you want to seal the leak as long as it has pretty good endurance on handling heat. There are so many choices that you could fix. Gasket from Nomex for example is able to resist the heat for more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grill Grate Is Not Big Enough

Sometimes we really want to make a big party where we need to make some smoke pork or ribs. Doing this thing is actually pretty easy, but sometimes we find that our grill grate is not enough to fit of that food. There is no solution than buying of new rack for this case.  There are so many goods rack that you could depend for problem.  That is the only solution that you could depend for this case. You actually cut could it for some slices, but it is not going to be good.

Struggling On Maintaining The Heat

There are two easy solutions for this case. First, you just have to use non fiber glass blanket on your lid chamber in order for stabilizing the heat or you could just line up of your firebrick before of the preheating process.  I personally prefer to use of the blanket since it is working nicely. Sometimes just line up of your firebrick before the preheating is not working.

The Temperature Is Varied Between Each Side

You could install of baffle made sheet to solve of this problem.  I got this solution from one of my friend and it works nicely to maintain the temperature. You could try this kind of thing to see if it works for you.

Final Thought

Fixing some of problems could be tough and easy. There are many solutions where you could not just fix it by yourself and need to have the replacement for it.  I have got some experience on fixing some smoke hollow smoker and that is why I want to share this problem. Thank you for seeing this article and I hope it could solve your problem.

The Best 2 Burner Gas Grill for Your Collection

There are many ways you can do to spend your weekend or holiday. The best way to spend it with your friends or family is by holding a barbeque party. Beside to have quality time with your beloved people, you can enjoy the delicious meals and foods together. However, to serve the foods with the best taste, you must need not only the high quality ingredients and skill, but also good cooking appliance. The most important appliance is the grill. The gas grill, especially with 2 burners might bring more benefits than a traditional charcoal grill. Then, you should find the best 2 burner gas grill.

2 Burner Gas Grill

Even though charcoal grill is able to give better flavor to the foods, the gas grill comes with other benefits. The first is about the convenient maintenance. The gas grill is easier to be maintained and cleaned after you use it. Then, it is also easier to use than the charcoal grill. You only need to turn on the grill when you need it and turn it off when you are done. You will not wait longer any more like to heat the charcoal first before using it. Moreover, you also can get the fuel for the gas grill easier in some stores.

How to Choose the Best 2 Burner Gas Grill

There are some tips for you before purchasing the gas grill. First consideration is about the size. You have to find a product that fits to your need. The grill should be convenient to use, both for outside or inside use, and easy to store and bring. Therefore, you need to know about the best 2 burner gas grill size that suits you the most. If you need to serve many foods for your big family, large gas grill might fits. However, ut the small one is the best choice if you only has small space of backyard or outdoor space.

Then, the price also can be another consideration. A gas grill with complete features and high material must be offered in high price. However, you still can find a product with affordable price but offers the good features. Then, you can choose whether it uses propane or natural gas for the fuel. Gas grill with propane will be easier to refill, but the natural gas might be cheaper. So, you can pick the best one that suits to what you really need.

Moreover, to choose the best 2 burner gas grill with those considerations will help you find a right product you need. Gas grill with 2 burners is also good choice because it has small but compact surface of cooking area that really fit for outdoor use. Furthermore, you can choose a gas grill with good material to give the best durability and sturdiness. Gas grill made of stainless steel might be the best choice. The design also should be nice not only in the look, but also the construction. You need a sturdy grill that can make you cook the foods conveniently and safely.

If you are looking for gas grill with 2 burners that offer some good features, you might choose Char-Broil 280. This grill that designed in elegant classic look through the black color has some features that make this cooking appliance convenient to use. This gas grill has 26,500 BTU with the cooking surface as large as 280 square inch. For the griller, it comes with wire grates that are coated in porcelain material. You also can get more work space through the side shelves that equipped with tool hooks and handles. In addition, the shelves are made of plastic.

Furthermore, there is another option for you that might be more suitable to your needs. It is Char-Bhoil 360 that also comes with some great features. This product has 35,000 BTU for the gas grill and 8,000 BTU for the side burner. It also has bigger cooking surface of 360 square inch. Besides, you can cook more foods because there is secondary cooking area in the swings in 10 square inch. The steel firebox and lid also complete this gas grill. You can find the other best 2 burner gas grill reviews to give you more references for your considerations.

How to Clean Gas Grill

To have a unit of gas grill at home is very beneficial because you can use it whenever you want to hold barbeque fest with your family or friends. Then, if you want to buy one, you can try some tips above to get the best product. However, by having a gas grill, you must know how to maintain it to make it last longer. You must clean the grill immediately after using it. Then, you can store it in the safe place. So, do you know what the best way to clean the grill?

No matter how great the features of the best 2 burner gas grill products, if you cannot treat the grill properly, it will not endure for long period of time. You need to clean both the grill’s interior and exterior part. The interior part might be more important to be cleaned because you can make the best food if it is in clean condition. You must remove any grime on the grates with the scrubs. You also can scrape the charred drippings that are commonly found at the grill’s bottom part. For the finishing touch, wipe each part inside the grills with soapy sponge and wet cloth.

Moreover, to clean the exterior part of grill is also needed to do. You can start by cleaning or replacing the drip pan that is located under the grill. Then, clean the surface of grill’s exterior with wet and soapy cloth to make it look shiny. The best 2 burner gas grill that made of stainless steel or glass will stay look sleek if you clean it regularly. Besides, you can oil the grates before using the grill to prevent foods become sticky and make the grill difficult to be cleaned. If the gas grill is clean, you will be convenient to cook the foods.