Few Photography Tips For A Beginner

Doing some photography as hobby its actually pretty fun to do especially when you are able to catch the right and good moment in your life. Last month I travel to the Korea and have visited some good places there, I am really happy because I could manage to catch some great photos that are rarely seen in my life. Looking a bunch of kids playing any traditional foods suddenly making me want to catch that moment and I got a pretty good image with their cooperation, I started to love photography not a long a go and there are so much things that I need to learn. Me as beginner found it interesting in learning of all of it. I am also a beginner, but I want to share you guys few tips and trick for learning photography.

Get Used With Your Camera

Before making such a great photo, first you need to get very well with your since everything would be depended on it. First, learn how to operate it and then make yourself get used with it and then you could start to learn some of its important feature. There are so many types of camera, so it would be better to know really well the one that you are using now. For example, if you have a DSLR camera, then you have to know what is DSLR and what makes it difference from Mirror less camera.

Pick The Right Camera

I don’t have any specific guide for this one since everyone has their own personal taste and it’s up to you on deciding it. You can pick one from Canon, Nikon, and some companies that already big name on this kind of product. Each of them is having their own uniqueness and we have to spend our time on checking which one is better for me and my style.

Learn Some Basics Functionalities

You must know their each feature and learn how to get a great feature. The company put their each unique feature with such great functionality. So making sure that you know what is exposure, how to choose the right shutter speed, choosing exposure and some other extra things. This case would lead in getting best picture because you know all of the features and know how to use it correctly. It is such a waste if you understand all of it, but you don’t know how to use it correctly.

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