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Disabling or Uninstalling Extensions in Chrome for Speedier Web Browsing

Surely, you have ever noticed that your browser starts to load slower than before? Well, it is not like your browser can load fast forever after all. There are always reasons behind everything. It goes the same with this issue. Are you a fan of Chrome browser? If so, you have been reading the right news for you will know how to make Chrome browser speedier here. But, before learning the way, we should learn about the cause of slow speed in web browsers first.

Disabling or Uninstalling Extensions in Chrome for Speedier Web Browsing

The Reasons behind Slow Web Browsing
You might have known that web browsers, including Chrome nowadays support extensions. They are something that adds additional features to your browser. The more the extensions you install, the slower your web browsers will become. Need to be known though, programs in PC including antivirus often install their browser extensions without permission. That is why your web browser becomes slower, although you have limited the extensions you install.

The only thing you can do to return your web browser’s speed back to normal is to uninstall or disable the extensions you don’t really use. Each browser has its own extensions to remove though. The ones from Chrome you remove won’t remove the similar ones in other browsers, like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. This time, we would talk about how the extensions in Chromes can be removed. So, you should be ready to learn the way here.

The Steps to Uninstall Chrome Extensions
To tell you the truth, removing Chrome extensions is not as difficult or complicated as you thought it would be. With some simple steps to follow, you will be done to make your Chrome browser speedier than before. You don’t have to be confused over it. Here is the way.

  • Click menu button at the top right corner of Chrome window
  • Select More Tools and click on Extensions
  • Scroll down through the list to see which one you want to disable or uninstall
  • Uncheck the Enabled box if you wish to disable it
  • Click on trash icon if you wish to uninstall it

Then you are done with it. This way, your Chrome browser should have been speedier than before. You don’t even have to restart your computer for this procedure to work. Just start browsing in your Chrome and you will see the result. Isn’t it relieving to return the speed of your browser?

To Conclude
From the discussion above, you should have understood that the reason behind slow web browsing in PC is because there are too much extensions installed within. Since PC programs can install their extensions automatically even without your consent, all you need to do to fight back is by disabling or uninstalling them on your own. Through some simple steps to follow, you can choose which extensions you want to remove. After you are done removing the unwanted ones, your Chrome browser should load faster than before.